OSA Sends Thanks to Coldwater Shuffleboard Club

On behalf of the OSA, I want to thank the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club president George O’Reilly and club members for hosting the Ontario Shuffleboard Association Tournament that was held on July 12 th , 13 th & 14 th 2016. This tournament was a huge success with 31 teams for the amateurs and 31 teams for the experts.

Thanks to the lunch committee for the delicious lunches that they fed us, and the court workers who worked tirelessly in the “heat” keeping the courts swept and beaded.

We sure appreciate the opportunity to park our RV’s behind the Curling Club building. This year there were 9 trailers – a record!! Shuffleboard is growing!!

Thank you to Marlene Corbeil for being the tournament director. Again she did an outstanding job.

Congratulations to my wife, Myrna Bilton for achieving her 35 points to be inducted into the OSA Hall of Fame.

Our last OSA Tournament for this summer will be held on July 26th , 27th & 28th, 2016 at Nobel Ont.

Enjoy a trip to our northern Ontario to meet “new and old shuffleboard friends”. RV’s are allowed to park on Mon July 25 th at noon. I look forward to seeing you for our final tournament.

Rendall Bilton
OSA President

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