FYI re Nobel 50-50

​Some folks have asked about who won the 50-50, and when was the draw and announcement? Good questions, and it tells us that we can do a better job of communicating to the folks attending the tournaments (and maybe more importantly, those who bought 50-50 tickets).

So next year, we will! And if we don’t, LET US KNOW. (Please!)

The Nobel winner of the Amateur 50-50 (AMs are not as good at 50-50?, LOL), was Bev Fowler. (Bev donated her winnings to the Nobel Club. YAY BEV!). The winner of the Expert 50-50 (begging the question again), was Ernie Thomas.

Note that both Bev and Ernie are AMs!

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1 Response to FYI re Nobel 50-50

  1. Ernest Thomas says:

    Ernie Thomas did not win the 50/50 in Nobel. Ernie won the 50/50 in the Coldwater Tournament.
    Ernie Thomas
    Niagara Falls. On.

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