New Ingersoll Shuffle Club

It had escaped the attention of this webmaster that a technical problem obliterated the original post for the Ingersoll Club. Thanks for noticing Myrna! And although too late for the Mingle Single event mentioned below, EVERYONE, if you get a chance, drop by Ingersoll for a game of shuffleboard!
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Ingersoll Mingle Single – Come to our New Club!)
From Jim Corbeil –

 I want to everyone know that The New Ingersoll Shuffle is going to hold a mingle /singles in Ingersoll Wednesday Aug 3rd. This will be at the Ingersoll area, across from Canadian Tire.
The fee will be, a $3.00 charge for all players to play, that covers the insurance.
And $ 5.00 to enter.
Hope we get a good turnout as we are just starting up a new club.
Jim Corbeil.
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