Coldwater Shuffleboard

From: Gary Pipher

When the Ontario Shuffleboard Association President Rendal Bilton declared Coldwater to be the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario he was never more correct in his declaration.
Coldwater has been a hot bed of activity for shuffleboard since the Club began several years ago and each and every year Coldwater attracts players to there tournaments from several locations in the USA and all across Canada.
Coldwater have a great place for parking motor homes / fifth wheel trailers and RV’s of all sizes.
The parking is free and you are always invited to come early and stay late. The Township of Severn and the village of Coldwater want you to feel welcome during your stay.
There are several great attractions in the immediate area such as the marine railway located at the Big Chute , or the old historic mill in the village, and of course this year there will be a banquet at the CNSA tournament, so reserve your spot early.
The Coldwater Club players who assembled for this group photo were taking part in the annual fun day and BBQ hosted by the Club. Games of Hoss Collar were played and generous cash prizes awarded at the end of the day.
Many of the players in the photo were already making plans for their up coming winter in the south .
Some will be going to Panama City while others will be in places such as Zephyrhills ,Clearwater , Frostproof, Dunedin, Bradenton , Lakeland , and where ever it is that great shufflers gather . So if you should happen to run across one of these fine people tell them George said Hi.
Coldwater is probably one of the very few, if not the only Club to have a shuffleboard program for the Special needs players. This year there were close to twenty special needs players taking part every Tue am.
The Club held a pizza party on their final day of the season and President George gave each and every player a large trophy with their name engraved on it.

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  1. Maureen Bryan. says:

    That was a great note on behalf of Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. Yes, we love the people and the courts in Coldwater. So happy Coldwater is having a CNSA tournament event in 2017. Lovely photo of the group. Wishing all good health , and happy days. Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club. Pres. Rendall Bilton.

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