Mississauga shuffleboard request

Here’s a note requesting information about shuffleboard locations in Mississauga. I have told Bill about our OSA website.
From Bill Merlin ..

Hello:. I have played shuffleboard in Arizona for the past few years however I cannot find a place to play here in Mississauga. I do see torments most are doubles. Any information would be greatly approached. I love to play .

Bill Merlin

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2 Responses to Mississauga shuffleboard request

  1. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    I would recommend Centre Wellington. The club is located in the town of Elora and is very active with good people and good players. Otherwise, you may wish to seek out a seniors centre closer to Mississauga that has shuffleboard. All Ontario clubs are listed on the Ontario Shuffleboard web site.

  2. Maureen Bryan says:

    Hi Bill, my name is Maureen Bryan, vice pres. Of the Elora Club. You are very welcome to join us in shuffleboard this coming season. If you go to (shuffle on.org) , you click on clubs and you will see all the clubs listed. I don’t know how far these are from you, but you can see for yourself. If you need anymore information, my email is listed on the Elora Club information, hope to hear from you if you need more assistance. Maureen.

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