New Shuffleboard Club

The Ingersoll Shuffleboard Club welcomes shufflers to come out and shuffle on Mondays and Wednesdays. Shuffle starts at 1:00 pm .
Ingersoll Arena, 97 Mutual N. Ingersoll On. Play and pay $3:00

We have 16 courts as well equipment for shufflers that do not have their own. We welcome new players.

Also, every 3rd Monday we will be holding a Mingle/Single tournament. The First Mingle/Single will be May 15, 2017. There will be 6 placings of amateurs and 6 placing of Experts. 3 games in the morning and 3 games after lunch. Please bring your lunch. Registration is at 8:30.AM. Games start at 9;00 AM

Cost $8:00

Looking forward to a great season.

The Ingersoll Shuffleboard Club,

Ruth Stewart rdstewart17

Jim Corbeil jcmccorbeil

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3 Responses to New Shuffleboard Club

  1. Evan Engell says:

    When does the Monday/Wednesday play start? Or has it already started?

  2. Evan Engell says:

    Great news! I hope to be there on Monday. 🙂

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