Promote Shuffleboard – Our Challenge!

Maureen Bryan,  OSA Secretary has asked me to tell you that we (the Ontario Shuffleboard Association) have a generous offer from Dom Sports in exchange for OUR ideas on how to promote our beloved sport.

To promote shuffleboard – WHAT do we want to do? GET MORE PEOPLE PLAYING SHUFFLEBOARD! The big question is HOW? Dear Reader, we need YOUR ideas on HOW.

EVERYONE is requested to send in their ideas – to either this webmaster – or Maureen Bryan –

Marc Petrocelli, President of Dom Sports has asked “Can you do more community outreach?  Get more players to join?  Do additional mailings?  More emailings? … Please brainstorm and see what you come up with.  If Dom Sports can help you grow the game of Shuffleboard in Canada’s 150th then we all win.  :)”


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