Elora Fun

Eight of us went to dinner. Only one decided to have dessert. A butterscotch sundae. Thanks Bev! "Seven spoons please waitress." said George. (Really? Seven? We would have to work something out). The sundae with spoons arriived. An extra big sundae. Spoons were passed around the table as far as they went. Poor Ella. Bev pushed the sundae to George. One spoonful gone. Then to Bill Bryan. Another gone, but no noticable dent in the amount left. Then Maureen goes after the overflowing butterscotch sauce. Then Bill Boyes has a go at it. Rip is next, enjoying it immensely. Then Carl, watched by Ella. Then Ella, sans spoon, is fed a mouthful by Bev. Lots still left. Bev wipes the spoon and takes some of HER sundae, then pushed it to George again. And so it went around again, with everyone having a second helping, and then a third, with much laughter and comment around the table. Present: Bev Fowler, George O’Reilly, Bill & Maureen Bryan, Bill Boyes, Rip Van Ginkle, Carl and Ella Rogerson.

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2 Responses to Elora Fun

  1. Bill and Maureen says:

    Oh yes, this was by far the best sundae ever, and enjoyed by friends. Thanks Bev for ordering it but I heard George ended up paying for it. That was cleaver!!! Great fun indeed. Bill and Maureen.

  2. Beverly says:

    Thank you Bill for this post. I think we al enjoyed that dinner very much.


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