Results of Goderich 2017 OSA Open

Here are the results of the OSA 2017 Open Tournament held in Goderich June 28, 29  –

Tournament: Goderich 2017-06-27,  OPEN Doubles
Entries: 21
Director: Marlene Corbeil

OPEN Main1st Fred Muehlenbach, John Mickle

OPEN MAIN 1st    Fred Muehlenbach, John Mickle

OPEN Main 2nd Roy Babcock, Bill LeMay

OPEN MAIN 2nd   Roy Babcock,  William LeMay

OPEN Main 3rd John Jefferson, Herman Lansink

OPEN MAIN 3rd    Herman Lansink, John Jefferson

OPEN Main 4th Carl Rogerson, George Admiral

OPEN MAIN 4th    George  Admiral, Carl Rogerson

OPEN Consolation 1st Karen and Ross Quanz

OPEN Consolation 1st Karen and Ross Quanz

OPEN Consolation 2nd Bill and Maureen Bryan

OPEN Consolation 2nd  Bill Bryan Maureen Bryan

OPEN Consolation 3rd Marjorie Taylor, Art Scott

OPEN Consolation 3rd   Marjorie Taylor Art Scott

OPEN Consolation 4th Frank Reynen, Tony Van de Hoven

OPEN Consolation 4th   Frank Reynen Tony Van de Hoven

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