Blenheim Results and Pictures

As promised, here are the results and pictures of all the winning teams. Thanks Roger Kellam.

Amateur Aug 8, 2017 22 Teams

Amateur Main 1st

1st Gary Sorko, Ruth Stewart

Amateur Main 2nd

2nd Gerdien Dykman, Gerrit Dykman

Amateur Main 3rd

3rd Murray Little, Allan Little

Amateur Main 4th

4th Bev Fowler, Linda O’Connor

Amateur Consolation

Amateur Consol 1st

1st Wendy and Luke Hansmann


Amateur Consol 2nd

 2nd Mary Ellen and Ted Vercouteren


Amateur Consol 3rd

3rd Howie Dodman, Judy Brooking

Amateur Consol 4th

4th Gord Kirk, Bill Stephen

        OPEN   Aug 9, 2017   14 Teams

Open Main 1st

1st Carl Rogerson, George Admiral

Open Main 2nd

2nd Maureen Bryan, Bill Oostdyk  

Open Main 3rd

3rd Glen Peltier and Jim Corbeil

Open Main 4th

4th Rip Van Ginkel, William LeMay


OPEN Consolation

Open Consol 1st

1st Charles and Shirley Bryant

Open Consol 2nd

2nd Henry Strong, Linda McRae

Open Consol 3rd

3rd Moe and Jill DeBruyne

Open Consol 4th

4th Barbara and Jim Howard

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