OSA Tournaments – More Locations Needed

From Mareen Bryan

2playAs in the last several years our OSA tournaments have been mainly held in southern  Ontario.  We would like to see this extended over a wider area of our province.  We now have CNSA tournaments in ingersoll and Coldwater, as well as OSA tournaments in Elora, Goderich, and Blenheim.  We know it is a commitment for a club to host these events but we would like to see a stronger shuffleboard participation, especially further east and north within the province.

Any ideas would be appreciated on how some of this could be done, please send to me, and we will read your input at the OSA Annual General Meeting June 12th, 2018, in Elora.

To all: Please forward this to your club president.
Replies may be made to OSA webmaster, Bill Boyes – shuffleboardbill@gmail.com

Thanks for your time, regards
Maureen Bryan – Secretary OSA.


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1 Response to OSA Tournaments – More Locations Needed

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    First sentence says ISA, not correct, should be OSA. Maureen.

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