Goderich OSA OPEN Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the following finalists in the 2018 Goderich OSA Open Shuffleboard Tournament.

* The Engells also finished 1st Main in the Amateur Tournament June 26th!

Goderich Open Tournament June 27-28, 2018
Sponsor McGee Motors

1st Maureen Bryan & Bill Oostdyk
2nd Myrna Bilton & Roy Babcock
3rd Gerritt Dykman Gerdien Dykman
4th Dawn Hammond & Ray Hammond

1st Muriel Burnett & Murray Burnett
2nd Jill Debruyne & Moe Debruyne
3rd * Evan Engell & Ann Engell *
4th Bonny Reynolds and Larry Reynolds

Tournament Director, Marlene Corbeil

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