Coldwater CNSA Amateur Results

* Burton Investments Council,
* Orillia Hyundai,
* Subaru of Orillia,
* Coldwater Shuffleboard Club

24 Teams

Amateur Main

1st George Archer & Bill Kinnear
2nd Jan Lynham & Fran Lynham
3rd Betty Granter & Dave Granter
4th Liz Oostdyk & Betty Keating

Amateur Consolation

1st Laura Campbell & Nev Campbell
2nd Frank Sebo and Ruth Sebo

3rd Bonny Reynolds & Larry Reynolds
4th Leida Gerrits & Henry Gerrits

Marlene Corbeil TD

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1 Response to Coldwater CNSA Amateur Results

  1. Janice says:

    Congratulations to one and all, so much fun., Thanks for attending , And Participating in our Tournament it was great. Cheers

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