Thanks to COLDWATER for CNSA Tournament

I want to thank the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for holding the CNSA Tournament this past week. President, Carol Archer, her Executive and all the volunteers did a great job.
The Banquet was a complete success, the food was great as usual.
Coldwater will be hosting this CNSA Toutnament again next year.
Coldwater has a population of 1100 and their club has a membership well over 100. They also have a special needs group of around 20.  That tells me that they are doing somthing right.
 That is why Coldwater is known as the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario.
 Clubs in larger towns and cities do not have this kind of membership.
We are looking forward to the Inter Provincial next July 7th-11th,  2019.  I am sure the Coldwater Shufffeboard Club will be up to the task.
I hope that all the Provinces will have at least one woman’s team and one man’s team.
Thanks again to the Coldwater Club for a great Toutnament.
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA.
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