Expert Results from Blenheim (Golden Acres Shuffleboard Club)

Blenheim Tournament – Expert Results
Sponsor: Golden Acres Shuffleboard Club
 -Main –
1st Dotty Koert & John Jefferson
1- John Jefferson, Dotty Koert.JPG
2nd  Fred Muehlebach & George Admiral2- Fred Muehleback, George Admiral
3rd Jim Corbeil & John Mickle
3- Jim Corbeil John Mickle
4th  Bill LeMay & Rip VanGinkel4- Rip VanGinkle, Bill Lemay.JPG
– Consolation –
1st Cons. Bill Boyes
& Bill Bryan 5- Bill Boyes, Bill Bryan
2nd Cons. Tony Van de Haven
& Frank Reynen
6- Tony Van den Hoven, Frank Reyne
3rd Cons. Maureen Bryan
& Bill Oostdyk
7- Maureen Bryan, Bill Oostdyk
4th Cons. Shirley Bryan
& Charles Bryan
8- Shirley and Charlie Bryan
Tournament Director Marlene Corbeil
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