2019 Interprovincial – Note Changes

Original post on CNSA website

There has been a change to the location of the 2019 Inter-Provincial.
Coldwater is not able to hold this event at this time.
The CNSA will host the 2019 IP in Ingersoll Ontario. Please note the
date change, Monday July 8th to Friday July 12th 2019. The location
will be the Ingersoll Memorial Arena 97 Mutual St.Ingersoll Ontario.
As there will be NO host club we are asking the Provinces to collect
the entry money from each player and non players who wish to attend,
and forward the money to Murray Burnett the CNSA Treasurer. 35 Davison
Place Fergus ON. N1M 3R3.
We will have the Packet on the CNSA web site mid  November .
Jim Corbeil President CNSA.

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