To Stan McCormack ~ “THANK YOU”

This post also appears on the CNSA website

– We publish Bob Lockwood’s note to Stan as I feel it says what I and perhaps many others feel. – Bill Boyes

Used with permission —- Forwarded message: On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 11:24 PM Bob Lockwood wrote:

It is a simple ‘Thank You’ that I give for all you have done to promote shuffling worldwide.

You made me feel that each of our entries posted was the most important entry in the shuffling world.

I’m not surprised to hear that to maintain the meaningful website it will require three younger people’s energy to replicate it – in saying ‘so long’ to you we wish the next generation well in maintaining an information source that was second to none!

Seventeen years is a wonderful contribution Stan – I hope you continue to enjoy and find time to play the wonderful game you promoted through your years!

Stay out of the Kitchen!

Bob Lockwood
Saskatchewan Director
CNSA Board of Directors

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