Another year of shuffleboard OSA tournaments , come to an end, as Blenheim finishes off our year, with a successful 3 days of competition in their city.

Amateurs had 17 teams, looking for more next year as Blenheim sent out many strong players who came out swinging, many ended up in the finals. Congratulations to all these players, you made your club proud, and we were glad to make new friends with you all.

The open competition had 28 teams, and this too was rewarding to see. We realize that travel can be expensive, but we also need to get out and support all of our Ontario tournaments when we can. For what the club organizers of these tournaments do for us, is true dedication for the sport, and if not supported then it will fade away. Win or lose, we take home memories, laughter, new friendships, and acquaintances, and maybe a little money . It turns into little vacation in the end. All of which is rewarding to us all.

Roger Lellam, Pres. of Blenheim, and his many club helpers, ran a very organized tournament. Have you ever thought just how many people , and hours are involved running these tournaments? Thanks for the lunches , available each day, and our tournament director, Ruth Tate, once again calmly ran the tournament without a hitch.

Muriel Burnett , our web master, had all photos of winners online in a flash. Thanks ladies, you do not go unnoticed.

Mark your calendar, Sept. 9th, Apple Tournament, St. Marys.

Regards – Maureen Bryan-sec. OSA, – Carl Rogerson-Pres. OSA.

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