We notify you that, sadly, the following players have passed on during recent years:

Jim Norton,
Basil Fick,
Evelyn Leckie.

I have searched the online obituaries and my own files for further information about our departed friends.

  • Jim Norton: Although one of the online obits relates to a shuffleboard player, I could find no definite information about the Jim Norton we knoew and as listed in the OSA Expert points list.

  • Basil Fick, dec’d February 3rd, 2017. Obituary is here. Basil had 22 OSA Expert points. On the right is a picture of Basil and Eileen Fick – from the Player Bio brochure for the 1st IP played in Coldwater 2009.

  • Evelyn Leckie dec’d December 10, 2019. Obit here. Evelyn, who had 1 OSA Expert point, will be remembered by many of us.

If any of you have memories of these players or more information you would like to share, please comment below.

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1 Response to Remembrances

  1. dianamay2628 says:

    Here is obit for Jim Norton …. and the obit shows a couple of nice photos of Jim and Barb. I am sorry that I have no updated information on Barb. I also have no updated info on Eileen Fick. It was nice to acknowledge these shuffleboard players again… Diana May [Image.jpeg]

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