Tips for *Our* Game (Frame-games)

Almost ALL of our shuffleboard games in Ontario and Canada are commonly limited to short, 12 or 16 frames. Tournaments are played according to ISA rules which specify a game to be 16 frames. A different strategy is needed compared to the 75-point games in Florida etc. Take note that these tips, even if you NEVER play 75-po9int games, will help you WIN!

The following is fun information and tips, content originated by the great Lary Feris, are taken from the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club website – .

  • If you are playing yellow, it’s important to try to keep from getting behind by more than one score at the end of the 10th frame, so you can possibly win by scoring with your last two hammers.
  • If you are playing black, you should try to get out to a big lead with your first two hammers and try to maintain a two block lead or better through your last hammers (9th & 10th frames).
  • Because game points are recorded, tacking on score when you are safely ahead is preferred to clearing. Snuggling can be a good tactic for adding on score, especially when you have the hammer. Snuggling eights is a good choice with less chance of being “kitchened”.
    (Ed. Note: It is unusual to record game points in Ontario. If you are ahead, don’t take the risk of losing by kitchening yourself with your last shot)
  • Covering ten-offs is also a good tactic in these short frame games, especially if you are behind and you need to get your opponent going in the wrong direction. At the very least it can kill a frame and possibly cause a lost hammer.

Visit the Zephyrhills website:

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