2022 OSA Sanctioned Tournaments – Corrected

Coldwater dates correction.

Note: All tournaments are played under ISA rules. Format is Doubles so you need a partner – No Partner? – See the Partner Needed page.. Amateurs may play in an Open tournament. Please see Tournament Notes and About OSA Tournaments.

Amateurs should plan for two to three days at our tournaments. ALSO you may play in both the Amateur AND the Open IF …:
Amateur tournaments start on a Tuesday (but not the Ingersoll CNSA), and if participation is high, finals have to be played on the next day. If you are an Amateur you should plan for at least two days because you might have to play in the final rounds on the second day (You have skillfully won your way into the finals and your tournament did not complete on the first day.) Otherwise, you got knocked out of the Amateur tournament on the first day (lost twice) so you are free to play in the Open (starts 2nd day), AND you might even advance to play in the Open finals on day 3!


May 30th – June 1st
Ingersoll Arena, 97 Mutual S. Ingersoll, ON
Amateurs – Mon. May 30 – Tue. May 31 _(Note the Monday start)
Open – Tues. May 31 – June 1 _(Note the Tuesday start)

June 7th – 9th
ELORA Amateur and Open (Centre Weillington S. C.)
Elora Curling Club, 60 David Street, Elora, Ontario
Amateurs – Tues. June 7 – Wed. Jun. 8
Open – Wed. June 8 – Thu. Jun. 9

July 5th – 7th
9 Michael Anne Dr., Coldwater, Ontario
Amateur- Tues. Jul. 5 – Wed. Jul. 6.
Open – Wed. Jul. 6 – Thu. Jul. 7.  

August 9th – 11th
430 Catherine St W., Blenheim, ON (Golden Acres Curling Club)
Amateur – Tues. Aug. 9 – Wed. Aug. 10.
Open – Wed. Aug.. 10 – Thu. Aug. 11.

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