Super Cash Singles Tournament 2022

The OSA is forwardng this to all our Ontario clubs and members: It is a request from the Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association (GESA) regarding a tournament that they are hosting. They are inviting us to play!
(Click on the image at the left to see it full size).

The following is that request:

I am contacting you from the Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association (GESA) regarding our upcoming Super Cash Tournament. 

I would very much appreciate if you could email your membership and attach the pdf of this poster. My further request is that you could print this document and post it at your club’s venue and at any other location in your area that you may find appropriate. 

We are limiting this tournament to the first 64 entries. So if you know of anyone who may be interested, encourage them to get in their deposit or entry fee ASAP.

Wally Bentt
Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Assn.
780 690-5004

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