Results of Ingersoll CNSA Amateur Turnament May 30, 2022

CNSA Shuffleboard Canada

Congratulations to the following Amateur players:


  1. Bev and Brian Doyle
  2. Nancy Vander Wielen and Joann McLean
  3. Hedy Black and Mary Bryans
  4. Ann Engell and Maria Duguay


  1. Norm and Bernice Lindsay
  2. Pete and Eileen Hildebrand
  3. Ann Birley and Gerry Prevost
  4. Larry and Bonny Reynolds

Number of Entries: 14.
Tournament Director: Evan Engle

Note that this AMATEUR tournament was scheduled for May 30th and 31st but with only 14 entries it completed on the 1st. day. Several Amateur teams were able to enter the OPEN tournament which started May 31st.
Unfortunately thee are no pictures available from the amateur tournament..

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