OSA General Meeting June 14, 2022 – Agenda Updates

Place – Elora Curling Club (Center Wellington Shuffleboard Club), 29 David St. W., Elora.
Time – following last game of the day (approx 4pm.)

1.    President Carl Rogerson – open meeting with invocation.

2.    Roll Call of board members- Rendall Bilton-past pres., 1st. Vice pres.-Evan Engell, 2nd Vice Pres- Gerrit Dykman, Secretary- Maureen Bryan, Treasurer- Ray Hammond.

3.    Minutes of last meeting-2019- please read from website prior to meeting.

Secretary- special notes  on happening since last AGM meeting will be read.

4.    Treasurer’s report.

5.    Committee reports.
* Membership: Linda O’Connor, 
* Website: Bill Boyes,
* HOF: Dotty Koert, 
* KOR: Shirley Bryan,
* Nominations: No members,
* Rules & Regulations: No members

6.    Old business.
a.    OSA  HOF jackets- presented to Bill Oostdyk and Maureen Bryan in 2020.
b.    Covid 19 and variants caused most if not all clubs to close, bringing shuffleboard as we know it to stop our ability to play.  With hope we can proceed again this year 2022 .

7.    New Business:
a.    Special Awards to be presented to John & Lenore Holder, and Marlene Corbeil.
b.    Elections of new board  members.
c.   ISA asking for donation from OSA
d.     Discussion of rental of OSA trailer and equipment.
-.    Renting out shuffleboard equipment to clubs in Ontario.
-.    Rental OSA shuffleboard equipment to Manitoba for IP?
e.    Question re-Canadian players reaching State status in USA and playing in Ontario tournaments as Amateurs?

(If anyone has a request or motion to be heard at the meeting it must be sent to the sec. of the OSA secretary prior to the annual meeting in June – m.bryan9282@gmail.com. No new requests will be heard that are not received prior to the meeting. )

Carl Rogerson -Pres. OSA      Maureen Bryan -Sec. OSA.

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