Coldwater Reminder

Everyone is invited to the OSA Shuffleboard Doubles tournament July 5th to 7th.

Coldwater Shuffleboard Club logo

The AMATEUR starts July 5 with the finals on July 6th.
The OPEN (Experts and Amateurs) starts July 6th with the finals on July 7th.
Please plan for both days, but if there are a low number of entries then the tournament may require only one day.

There will be a “Shuffleboard Social” (Happy Hour) on the first day of the tournament – July 5th from about 4 – 6 PM. There will be finger foods and a cash-bar available. This event replaces the usual banquet due to the loss of our caterer Larry Lalonde, and the high cost of other providers.

NOTES* Home-made lunches will be available on all three days of the tournament.
* Location: Coldwater Curling Club, 9 Michael Anne Dr.,
Coldwater ON L0K 1E0
* Camper Parking: Available on the Curling Club lot. (Join the party!). No Hookup services available.
* Contact: Carole Archer
Map - Coldwater
Map – Coldwater
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