Results of Coldwater OSA Tournament

Here are the results of this week’s tournaments …

Amateur: 23 Teams
1st – Mary Bryans and Leida Gerrits
2nd – Janice Archer and Janice Lynham
3rd – Nancy and Willy VanderWielen
4th – Paul Sova and Len Perrault

1st – Norm and Bernice Lindsay
2nd – Joe and Margaret Chircop
3rd – Fran Franklin and Marie Kinnear
4th – John Wilson and Gilles Coulombe

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the Coldwater Amateur winnera.

Open: 27 Teams
1st – Linda O’Conner and Evan Engell
2nd – Gary Keating and Doug Beach
3rd – Muriel Burnett and Dawn Hammond
4th – George O’Reilly and Bill Kinnear

Pictures in order of finish thanks to Muriel Burnett

1st – Bill LeMay and John Jefferson
2nd – Marlene and Jim Corbeil
3rd – Dotty Koert and Henry Strong
4th – Ray Hammond and Murray Burnett

Pictures in order of finish thanks to Muriel Burnett

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