London Single Mingles

Thanks Marlene – We’re always glad to be able to send out some shuffleboard results and news.


We just finished a fun day of Single Mingles in London Ontario. After talking to Rendall and Myrna Bilton as well as Ross Kirkpatrick, we decided it would be a good idea to have the placings posted. Hopefully we can get other clubs interested in holing a Single Mingles competition. Right now we only have Chatham and London in the southern area. Hubert Van Eerd is also going to be sending his results to you after Thursdays event. Hope this will help to motivate other clubs. Marlene

Results Ams Results Pros

1st Pat Phair 1st Hubert Van Eerd
2nd Bill Hiebert 2nd Myrna Bilton
3rd Harold Comeau 3rd Don Hutchenson
4th Shirley Bryan 4th John Sutton
5th Bill Van Eerd 5th Lois Reid
6th Terry Martin 6th Jim Howard

President Ross Kirkpatrick, Tournament Director Marlene Corbeil Entries 46

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