CNSA announces 2013 Interprovincial Tournament

Please note the attached email from CNSA President Myrna Bilton as issued through the OSA Secretary Maureen Bryan is GREAT NEWS! The 2013 Interprovincial (IP) Shuffleboard Tournament will be in Deieppe, New Brunswick!

Great expectations – It was in 2011 that the New Bruswick Shuffleboard Association and the City of Dieppe were hosts of the hugely successful 2011 ISA Singles Tournament. There is much on the CNSA website about that – Click on, then rest your mouse pointer over the menu item for Special Events, then click on ISA-2011-World Singles Dieppe NB. There will be more articles on this wonderful region of Canada and promoting the 2013 IP Tournament.

In the competition was between provincial teams, so to play, you had to apply to the applicable provincial association / organization or other contact. More to come on this.

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