Chatham (Thames-Horizon) Club info.

I just received the following email from Hubert van Eerd, Chatham club president, apparently forced one again into an uncertain situation for a place to play (survival of the club). If you read this and can pitch in to help with any ideas or resources, please let Hubert know. I’d suggest a word or two of encouragement would be a plus. (You may comment below on this post, or contact Hubert at 519-354-0758 or

From Hubert ,09/09/2012:
— — — — — — — — — — –
“At this time we are looking for a different place to play.
We have a meeting with city officials scheduled for some time in October.
As soon as we know where we can play we will let you know.

“It is not likely that we can set up a schedule until spring as we have to wait until the hockey season is over.

“Thanks, Hubert
— — — — — — — — — — –

Previous Club information:
Chatham – Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club plays at the Chatham Memorial Arena, Thursdays from beginning of May to beginning of August. Mingles /Singles Tournaments in May, June and July for Thames Horizon members only.

Contact: Hubert van Eerd – 519-354-0758

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