Question on New Courts

Please Comment or Reply below if you have any ideas for the Alliston folks. Thanks, Bill Boyes.

The Brair Hill community centre (Alliston) is looking to put in a new shuffleboard floor ,we are looking for info on type , vinyl coating ,etc . This would be put on a concrete floor , currently we use mats ,so any specs etc or other material would be of great help .
Thank you for your assistance .
Elmer Cain . (Board member)

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3 Responses to Question on New Courts

  1. Bill B says:

    Elmer – I’m replying to let you know that in Scugog (Blackstock) we have painted white (stenciled) lines right on the concrete floor or the old hockey arena. The surface itself was never intended to do anything more than hold water (mostly level, mostly flat, mostly shiny) and makes for “drifty” courts. but is very playable – we have 17 courts marked out but I believe there are a couple we avoid due to uneven surface. Due to other uses of the arena, our lines tend to wear (chip, flake) and need re-doing after a couple of years. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Cheers, Bill

  2. John Mickle says:

    Elmer: I agree with the comment from Bill above. I am a Florida player and only really played in Ontario last year. Last year In Ontario, I played on mats, vinyl flooring and on concrete hockey and curling rinks painted as Bill has described in London and St. Mary’s. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I played on the concrete flooring. Initially I thought they would be very difficult but I found them to be quite good. Some were “drifty” but not more so than some courts I have played on in Florida. In my opinion, you should strongly consider painted concrete flooring. I am sure you can use shuffle court waxes on them e.g. Nella Seal and of course proper beads to make them slippery. Good Luck. . . John Mickle, Ancaster, Ontario
    p.s. there are many very good shufflers in Ontario who can give you proper advice so keep researching. . .

  3. summer123 says:

    Bill and John have good advice for you Elmer.
    Marc at Dom Sports in Toronto 416-781-2338 would also be helpful to you.

    Rendall Bilton
    OSA President

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