CNSA Reminder, and a bit of OSA History

Just a quick reminder of the CNSA Doubles coming up May 27-29. Always a lot of fun, including the Banquet. Don’t miss out! More information is at

The History: I ran across an old (October 1991) copy of The Ontario Shuffler in my “files”. See if you recognize any of the names of the tournament winners! Overall, that newsletter did a great job, and reading between the lines, illustrates the work that the OSA folks were putting into shuffleboard. I’m so glad they did! Historical notes abound!

NOTE: If the words appear too small to read, you can zoom in by using your keyboard: Press the CTRL key down and also press the “+” key – repeat as necessary. Use CTRL and “-” to go smaller again. Do the same thing by using the CTRL key and your mouse wheel.


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