Worlds First Shuffleboard from a DRONE!

Not to make too much of this BUT it was the first time!

It happened in Nobel Ontario, July 16th, 2014, and the video was shot as players took their practice shots before the Open Event. Players were informated beforehand that this would be happening. The video was taken from about 6 – 10 metres high to avoid beads being blown off the courts by the drone’s four propellers.

Technical details: The drone and camera used were included in a WL Toys model V222 package. This is really a toy “Quad-Copter” and far from professional equipment, but adequate, and fun! The video was downloaded from the camera card to a computer, edited and titles etc. added, then uploaded to YouTube. Due to limited time, no background music was added to this video.

To see this video, click  ->

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