Nobel OSA Doubles Results

Winners at Nobel July 15 – 17, 2014

Amateur Toournament  – July 15, 2014

13 teams – 26 entries

Main event

1st    George Steven      &     Charles Bryan

2nd    Betty Keating        &    Jill  DeBruyne

3rd    Ray Hammond        &    Dawn Hammond

4th    Garry Keating        &     Linda O’Connor


1st    Eleanor Simmons    &    Howard Snider

2nd    John Lynham        &    Janice Lynham

3rd    Dieter Kalbe        &     Sandra Kalbe

4th    Audrey Lambe        &     Paul Alyward


Open July 16 – 17

24 teams – 48 entries

Main event

1st.      Maureen Bryan    &    Bill  Bryan

2nd    John  Holder        &     Lenore Holder

3rd    Peter Berg        &    Rendall Bilton

4th    Bill Boyes        &    Al Leslie


1st    George O’Reilly    &    Shirley Bryan

2nd    Dawn Hammond     &    Ray Hammond

3rd    Jessie Fledderus    &    Clara Van Dermeer

4th    Linda O’Connor      &     Garry Keating

Tournament Director – Lorraine Pollock
Assiststed by Barb Pipher and Bill (Eagle-Eye) Pollock.

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