2016 OSA Goderich Tournament Results

Congratulation to all the following top finishers in the Amateur and Expert divisions at Goderich.

Submitted by Tournament Marlene Corbeil.

Amateurs Main
1st    Charlie Bruisema & Bill Godfrey
2nd   Gary Sorko & Ruth Stewart
3rd   Sheila Brown & Cathy Mills
4th Grant Barrett & Sandra Barrett

Amateurs Consolation
1st   Donald Chalmers & Jane Chalmers
2nd  Nev Campbell & Laura Campbell
3rd   Norm Lindsay & Bernice Lindsay
4th   Gilles Coulombe & Carolyn Coulombe

Experts Main
1st  Marjorie Taylor & Art Scott
2nd Jim Corbeil & Myrna Bilton
3rd  George Admiral & Carl Rogerson
4th  Herman Lansink & John Jefferson

Expert Consolation
1s t  Maureen Bryan & Bill Bryan
2nd George Steven & Charles Bryan
3rd  Jim Howard & Eric Brown
4th  Liz Oostdyk & Linda Raymont

Marlene Corbeil,Tournament Director

Results with photos from Muriel Burnett comming soon!

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  1. lbpollock@aol.com says:

    Thank you very much Lorraine

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