REMINDER, Contest Closes August 26th – (Shuffleboard Contest + New Discs) Titan has arrived! Can you spot the difference?

From: "Dom Sports
Date: Aug 25, 2016 13:22
> Do your shuffleboard discs take a beating?

> Need a tougher set for your demanding environment?

> Titan has arrived!
> Looks and feels like "traditional" discs.
> A specialized polymer was formulated to create the strongest disc we’ve ever made.**
>This polymer is more elastic than other discs, so it has more "give" and consequently may play somewhat slower than other traditional discs

> Titan is ideal for recreational conditions, especially at Camp, Resorts, Schools and Cruise Ships.

> ** when used for the sport of shuffleboard these discs will last longer than any other disc on the market today.

> Enter to Win a set of Titan Discs
> Value: $69.95
> Enter at Dom
> Please share this contest with your friends!
> Contest closes August 26th.
> Dom Sports, 957 Roselawn Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6B 1B6 Canada

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