Ingersoll Tournament Congratulations

From OSA President Carl Rogerson, JUNE 2/2019

On behalf of the OSA , i would like to thank the Ingersoll Shuffleboard Club on their successful CNSA tournament, May 27-29, 2019.

It was well attended,  although we would like to see more Amateurs out to participate in these tournaments.  Only having 11-12 teams competing doesn’t show the skill we know the non competing players have. Please come out and support your clubs.

In the open event, there were 31 teams. Amazing!!!!  This is so awarding to see.

Congratulations on all who played,  win or lose,  this is the game we all love to play.  Meeting old and new friends, laughs along the way, with great memories.

Thanks to Marlene Corbeil once again,  she does an amazing job in directing these tournaments,  along with her side kick, Jim.

To the helpers, and food vendor, again thanks to all.

Last note to anyone out there,  Marlene would like to train someone in becoming a director, when she decides to quit,  we will not have anyone to take her place ,  then what!!!  Please consider this soon!!

  Regards Carl Rogerson, Pres. OSA.



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