June 12 Presentation of Hall-Of-Fame Jackets

Shuffleboard has been played for decades, now known across the world in international, Canadian and Ontario levels of play.

The Ontario Shuffleboard Association (OSA) was incorporated in 1989 and recognized as a sport.

The objective of the association is to promote and encourage the game across Ontario, to develop skills, and encourage good fellowship and fair play by all players.

Dom Sports has been an appreciated sponsor for the OSA for many years.

The OSA is pleased to present Hall-Of-Fame Jackets to the following players who have earned their hall Of Fame status by achieving the required 35 points. This is presented by the chair of the HOF, and Director for Ontario, Marlene Corbeil and Dotty Koert, held at the Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club in Elora on June 12, 2019.

  • Diana May-2002
  • Fred Muehlbbach-2003
  • Mary Button – 2004
  • Max Tate – 2007
  • Al Weeks – 2008
  • Peter Berg – 2016
  • Glen Peltier – 2016
  • Myrna Bilton – 2017
  • Roy Babcock – 2017
  • George Admiral – 2018
  • Carl Rogerson – 20l9

Congratulations to these deserving players.

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