Beverly Fowler is Citizen Of The Year

Beverly Fowler

We have a fellow shuffleboard player who has been just named Citizen of the Year for her charitable work in her home town of Wasaga Beach. I am sure that most Canadian Shuffleboard Players know Beverly Fowler.

Beverly has played in many ISA and Canadian Inter- Provincial tournaments and we all know her for her enthusiasm and fellowship. She has worked for many years for the Ontario Shuffleboard Association. Whenever you are at an Ontario Shuffleboard Tournament, Beverly is at the first table taking memberships and your money.

Beverly is a member of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. She is also a member of the Ontario Shuffleboard Association and the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association. She has been a great ambassador for the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.

I can not say enough about Beverly. We are all very proud of her achievements.
Congratulations Beverly Fowler well deserved!
Stay Safe and Healthy,
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA

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18 Responses to Beverly Fowler is Citizen Of The Year

  1. Rip Van Ginkel says:

    Congratulations Bev. Well deserved miss our chats at the tournament’s. Keep safe. Rip Van Ginkel

  2. Janice Archer says:

    Well deserved Bev congratulations Hugs

  3. dianamay2628 says:

    Congratulations Bev! All your work with the OSA and CNSA shows only a part of your many talents! Well done.

  4. Glenna Earle says:

    Congratulations Bev! You’re the correct person to be given this tribute! You are a delight and such a caring helper to everyone. So proud of you!

  5. Congratulations Bev ! It is well deserved .we do miss you ❤️❤️

  6. gerdykman says:

    Congratulations Bev ! We do miss you ❤️❤️

  7. cadiman says:


    Congratulations well deserved..


  8. gerdykman says:

    Congratulation Bev ! We do miss you ❤️❤️

  9. Carol Brenda Archer says:

    Congratulations Bev, well deserved

  10. Myrna Bilton says:

    Way to go girl!! We are so proud of you Beverly.
    “Congratulations” ….
    Rendall & Myrna

  11. Myrna Bilton says:

    Way to go girl!! We are so proud of you.
    “Congratulations “…
    Rendall & Myrna

  12. Durelle Kowacz says:

    Congratulations Beverly. Does not surprise me you are citizen of the Year. Enjoyed working with you and knowing you over the years. Enjoy your award well deserved.

  13. gerdykman says:

    Congratulations Bev you deserved this we love you and miss you ❤️

  14. gerdykman says:

    Hi Beverly
    Congratulations with your special award 🎉🎉
    We do miss you 😢

  15. Liz Oostdyk says:

    Congratulations Beverly. Hope to see you in 2021!!

  16. Dotty Koert says:

    Congratulations Beverly! Well deserved honey. Hope to see you this summer.

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