Clinton Ontario has a new shuffleboard facility.

A very interesting story submitted by Jim Corbeil –

Henry and Leida Gerrits have been hard at work along with Gerrit and Gerdien Dykman. The Gerrits have a farm just outside of Clinton Ontario and they have changed a chicken barn into a first class shuffleboard facility. They have 4 courts painted on the cement floor, with plenty of room between for social distancing do to the corona virus. They have left plenty of room and are able to add at least 4 more courts.
Marlene and I went up to have a look and play a game or two. The courts were reasonably fast and had a few drifts like most places. The facility was bright and airy and heated. They have put in a lot of work getting the place ready for shuffleboard.
Henry and Leida said, if anyone is interested in coming up or over for a game or two you are more than welcome.
Their email is Drop them an email and go and check out their courts.
It is sure nice to see just what people can do when they put their mind to it. This is what shuffleboard is all about.
Thank you Henry and Leida for your wonderful hospitality. We had a great time.
Henry and Leida are in the picture with the two of them you may not recognize them with their masks on.
Jim Corbeil President CNSA

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  1. Bill B says:

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    Great to see a new facility!

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