OSA Points 2022

Sent to us from Shirley Bryan, OSA Keeper Of Records.

We now have 3 OSA Points lists
– OSA Expert Points
– OSA Non-Active Amateur Points
– OSA Active Amateur Points

At the OSA Annual meeting in June, it was decided to remove the names of amateurs whose point count has not changed since 2007 (15 years) and place their names on a Non-Active list.

OSA Expert Points 2022.pdf

OSA Non-Active Amateur Points 2022.pdf

OSA Active Amateur Points 2022.pdf

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3 Responses to OSA Points 2022

  1. Ernest Thomas says:

    Hi Bill: Has there been any information given out about the International Shuffleboard Tournament. How each team made out or standings. The print was so small in the teams listings it was hard to make out. Ernie

  2. Bill B says:

    Hi Ernie. Here is a post on the CNSA website that links to a good version of the Team and Individual standings – https://theshufflersnews.wordpress.com/2022/08/28/39th-isa-final-individual-standings/

  3. Mike Milne says:

    Good work there Bill.

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