Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club at The ISA

Congratulations to everyone!

CNSA Shuffleboard Canada

From Myrna Bilton

Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club Members

Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club had 11 members participate at the International Shuffleboard Association Championship that took place at Ingersoll, Ontario in August. From left…Ray Hammond, Norm Lindsay (Canadian National Shuffleboard Association President),Bernice Lindsay, Donna Blom, Dawn Hammond, Murray Burnett, Myrna Bilton (International Shuffleboard Association President), Bill Bryan, Muriel Burnett, Linda O’Connor and Maureen Bryan (Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club President)
It was a week filled with lots of camaraderie with shuffleboard friends from around the world.

The next ISA Championship will be held at St Petersburg, Florida, USA.
Date October 22 – 28, 2023. The St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club will be celebrating 100 years. The club is considered the largest and the oldest shuffleboard club in the entire world, with 76 courts and more than 2,000 members.

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3 Responses to Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club at The ISA

  1. Susan Gipp says:

    We are a group of seniors looking to locate outdoor shuffleboard for our community. Not sure where to start. We live in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Is there a manufacture near by or any information on how to get.

    • Bill B says:

      Hello Susan. Thanks for your question about locating shuffleboard activities. Depending where you are in PE county you may be able to play in Picton or Napanee. Contact those municipal recreation departments to find out more. If you’re interested in setting up your own group then the OSA sponsor, Dom sports, is a good resource for equipment etc.

    • Bill B says:

      Susan. I forgot to add good luck and please keep us informed of your intentions.

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