2015 ISA Application

CNSA Shuffleboard Canada

CNSA Logo………………………… Canadian Shufflers!
………………… Apply for your place in the 34th ISA!

The 34th ISA will take place in Clearwater Florida,  October 25th to October 30th, 2015. To play for Canada, just follow the instructions for “A” or “B” below to submit your application to the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association. When the selection process is completed by the CNSA selection committee, applicants  will be advised of their status.  Applications must be submitted by February 28th, 2015 to be accepted for consideration.

A) Paper version – Print it and mail the completed form:
i) Click here-> 2015 ISA Application (PDF) to view the PDF (It should open in your browser or PDF Reader).
ii) Select the Print icon to print it on your printer.
iii) Complete the application form by hand (use the back or an extra page if needed).
iv) Mail to the address you will find within the application…

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