Thank You Nobel for a Great Tournament

OSA President Rendall Bilton

OSA President Rendall Bilton

On behalf of the OSA, I want to thank the Nobel Shuffleboard Club and

President Dick Lubbelinkhof for hosting the OSA Doubles Tournament

that took place on July 26th – 28 th 2016.

Thanks for allowing the eight campers to use the parking lot for their

RV’s. This makes it very comfortable for the campers in a lovely area of

northern Ontario.

Special thanks to Marlene Corbeil for being a dedicated tournament

director and to Muriel Burnett and Bill Boyes for their picture and

write-up coverage of all the OSA tournaments. I appreciate the hours of

work they spend on their jobs.

CNSA President Jim Corbeil presented HOF jackets to Barb Pipher, Bill

and Lorraine Pollock. Congratulations – they are great ambassadors of


Congratulations to Roy Babcock for achieving his 35 points to be

inducted into the OSA Hall of Fame.

Shuffler friends were saddened to hear the news of the passing of

Frank and Ruth Anne Sebo’s daughter-in- law. Our thoughts and prayers

are with them and their family.

Sincere thanks to OSA secretary Maureen Bryan, the OSA Board

Members and committees for making my job easy. I appreciate their

support and dedication to shuffleboard.

I want to thank all the shufflers that took part and supported the OSA

Tournaments. We had record breaking attendance this summer. I look

forward to seeing everyone next year.

Sincerely, Rendall Bilton OSA President

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