From Our Sponsor – Contest re New Disks

From: Dom Sports
Shuffleboard Contest + New Discs) Titan has arrived! Can you spot the difference?



Do your shuffleboard discs take a beating?

Need a tougher set for your demanding environment?

Titan has arrived!


Looks and feels like "traditional" discs.

A specialized polymer was formulated

to create the strongest disc we’ve ever made.**

This polymer is more elastic than other discs,

so it has more "give" and consequently may play somewhat slower

than other traditional discs.

Titan is ideal for recreational conditions,

especially at Camp, Resorts, Schools and Cruise Ships.

** when used for the sport of shuffleboard these discs will last longer than any other disc on the market today.

Enter to Win a set of Titan Discs
Value: $69.95
Enter Here
Please share this contest with your friends!
Contest closes August 26th.
Dom Sports, 957 Roselawn Ave., Toronto, Ontario M6B 1B6 Canada
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