Announcement for Blenheim

From Evan Engell –

Blenheim AMATEUR Tournament – August 2

The format of the tournament will change so that amateur teams will play five or six games. The tournament will start at 9:00 and finish at 4:00 with a proper lunch break at noon. You will not be out of the tournament if you lose. You will play all day and the tournament will finish in one day.

Don’t forget, AMATEURS are able to and welcome to compete in the Open Tournament on day two. Nothing is more fun than taking down an "Expert" team. 🙂

Please let your shuffleboard friends know about this. It will make the trip to Blenheim even more fun.

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2 Responses to Announcement for Blenheim

  1. George Admiral says:

    I thought the tournament started on the 4th (Open) not the 3rd.?????????

    On 7/9/22, Ontario Shuffleboard News and Informati

  2. Evan Engell says:

    Amateurs play on Tuesday, August 2. The Open tournament is August 3 and 4. The amateurs were originally scheduled to finish on the 3rd. Their new format, for this tournament, will allow them to finish on the Tuesday and play in the Open, should they wish to.

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